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A gathering place for self-directed exploration, discovery, and authentic connections.

A Girl Looking at a Pendulum Model
Girls in the Library

Our programs inspire girls to become independent thinkers and problem-solvers by allowing them to make choices about how they interact with the world around them. With the space to explore who they are, girls gain confidence in facing the demands of an ever-changing world.

Skater Girl

We work with girls ages

11-14 to show them skills for the real world including collaboration, communication, meeting new challenges and learning to see and respect other points of view.

By offering choices and self-directed opportunities, girls are able to make decisions about how and where they gain knowledge and can explore topics that interest them through collaboration with their peers.

Girl Jumping

Gender equality can only be reached if girls are confident in who they are, passionate about making change, and active members of society. We showcase girls' talents and interests so they can pursue their goals in a positive and supportive space.

Our center includes a main working area, a lounge with games, art supplies, a full kitchen, and computers.

Located in the heart of SE Portland, we're walking distance from Fat Straw, a variety of food carts, Roosevelt's Terrariums and a peaceful neighborhood for nature walks.