Empowering through education: Fostering growth in one's self and their community 

A Girl Looking at a Pendulum Model
Girls in the Library

Our programs inspire girls to be the next generation of innovators, critical thinkers and decision makers by allowing them to be active in their learning. Participants work together to discuss ideas, learn to solve problems, collaborate, and make informed decisions to better themselves and their community.

Teen Gay Couple

We work with girls ages 11-14 to show them skills for the real world. As part of our diversity and inclusion initiative, we welcome any individual who self-identifies as female including transgender and/or non-binary to join Girls Count programming.

By offering choices and self-directed learning, girls are able to make choices about how and where they gain knowledge and can explore any topics they wish through the guidance of our female role models and mentors.

Teacher with Pupils

Gender equality can only be reached if girls are confident in who they are, passion about making change, and active members of society. We showcase girls' talents and interests so they can pursue their goals in a positive and supportive space.

"I expected it to be a normal camp but it was super chill. I had a lot of fun cooking, working on the zine, and playing games. I really liked how self guided it was. It was fun to see other people."

-Violet, age 11

"Girls Count is so amazing. The way I experienced learning this week was unique and fun. I enjoyed this a lot!"


"The space is comfortable and cozy, and the background music is always on, and it's fun to sing along while conducting experiments. Overall I'm giving Girls Count 5 stars."


-Adela, age 12

"This week was the best! I loved getting to cook and work on the zine. It was nice to be in charge of what we did."


-Lenore, age 13

"I liked how close I felt with everyone. It felt like I got to know everyone really well."


-Jillian, age 12

"I really like how peaceful the space is. I also enjoyed being able to experiment in the kitchen."


-Fleur, age 12

"One of the most fun and independent camps that I have ever been to."


-Grace, age 13

"It was incredibly fun to get to know new girls, I feel like we gained such a strong connection in a matter of minutes...all our endeavors were self led, which made it all the more easy to get to know the people I'd met."

-Isabelle, age 13

"This camp was so fun. I love the freedom this camp gave us and the staff was so nice."