Engaging girls in real-world mathematics.

Our Philosophy 

Girls will engage in mathematics when they can apply their knowledge to real applications. We want to see girls using math as a tool to become innovators, independent thinkers, and the next generation of leaders.

We provide camps and workshops designed just for girls. Our programs are designed to show girls why math is useful and how it can be learned without memorizing facts and formulas.

We work with girls in elementary and middle school to help them use math in a real way. Participants work together to brainstorm methods, create visual representations of their ideas and learn to problem-solve by actively participating in their own learning process.

Our female-run events provide role models for girls by showing them women who are passionate about math. When girls see themselves in our instructors they no longer see math as a world just for boys.

Although girls perform just as well as boys in mathematics, we still see a gender gap in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. Rather than presenting a cold, isolating subject, we show girls that math is all about collaboration and creative thinking.

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