Empowering girls in math through programs 

designed for the way girls think.

Participants in 2020

Girls who say they like math more after attending our camps.

Our Philosophy 

Girls don't just want to know how math works, they want to know why it works. We promote active mathematical thinking by strengthening problem-solving skills, using logic and reasoning, and working through real-life examples. Whether you're strong in math or struggle with it, our program builds confidence in girls so they can approach math with a deeper understanding. 

We provide camps and workshops designed just for girls. Participants work together to brainstorm methods, create visual representations of their ideas and learn to problem-solve by actively participating in their own learning process.

We work with girls in grades 3rd-8th who want to better understand and appreciate mathematics. Our classes are not just for those who already love math! No matter what level you're at, we have an event for you.

Our female-run events provide role models for girls by showing them women who are passionate about math. When girls see themselves in our instructors they believe that they too can have a future in math and science.

Although girls perform just as well as boys in mathematics, we still see a gender gap in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. Girls are more likely to pursue STEM careers when they see practical applications and gain experience with math outside of the classroom.

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