Daily Activities

This general outline is an example of possible daily activities. Some learners might be working together, some girls might be working independently, and others might be cooking or reading or following creative pursuits. Each day is different and designed by the learners with assistance from the guides.

Collective Group Work

Guiding questions: 

What area of this topic excites you the most?

What initial questions do you have?

What can we accomplish by working together?

This could look like:

Discussing an article                      

Examine implicit biases

Scientific experiments

Solving engineering puzzle 


Morning Meeting

Guiding questions: 

What passions do you want to pursue today?

What SMART goals will help you achieve learning outcomes?

How do you measure success?

What challenges might you face and how will you adapt?

This could look like:

Sharing a current event                         

Checking in with peers

Identifying career goals and/or topics of interest


Independent Work

Guiding questions: 

What goals to you need to reach today?

How will your time be spent productively?

What topic interests you today?

This could look like:

Researching topics of interest

Connecting with guides to find resources

Connecting with community members

Completing tasks as an expansion of group work


Community Work

Guiding questions: 

How can we help the community?

How can we learn from others?

What problems can we address by giving back?

This could look like:

Volunteer at a local non-profit

Gain awareness of city, state, and global issues

Form a connection to a community mentor


Food and Nutrition

Guiding questions: 

How does food bring people together?

What are healthy ways to fuel and nourish our bodies?

Where does our food come from?

This could look like:

Learning about seasonal produce

Prepping apples from neighbor’s tree for applesauce

Helping budget for and prepare a snack or meal 

Tree Trunk


Guiding questions: 

What can our environment teach us?

How can we be stewards of our environment?

This could look like:

Day of nature study exploration in local park

Field studies

Observational drawing 

Science inquiry projects