Girls Count Collective

The Girls Count Collective is a day program designed so that girls can be in charge of their own learning. Rather than “teachers” and “students”, we have “guides” and “learners”. Guides facilitate processes such as goal-setting, healthy communication, crafting interests into learning opportunities, finding resources, problem-solving, and working through difficulties. They teach specific content on a “need to know” basis depending on learner interests and need. Learners create their own curriculum, set the pace for their own learning and reach goals through mindful goal-setting practices.

The day program is built upon the ideas of self-directed learning

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When is it?

Learners meet in-person with guides from 10AM-3PM. Enrollment options include anywhere from 1 day per week to 5 days per week, based on the needs of participants and families.


There are 3 terms throughout the school year, each offered for 11 weeks.

Fall Term: September 6th- November 19th

Winter Term: November 29th - December 17th & January 3rd - February 25th

Spring Term: February 28th- March 18th & March28th - May 20th

*Classes do not meet:

Fall break: November 22nd, 2021- November 26th, 2021

Winter break: December 20th, 2021 - December 31st, 2021

Spring break: March 21st, 2022- March 25th, 2022 

What does it cost?


5 days/week: $2,200 per term

4 days/week: $1,980 per term

3 days/week: $1,650 per term

2 days/week: $1,210 per term

1 day/week: $660 per term


Scholarships, scaled enrollment, and payment plans available!

Apply here for financial assistance.

10% sibling discount

5% discount for multiple term registrations