-Where are you located?

1514 SE 44th Ave

Portland, OR 97215


-Who can join?

10 learners ages 11-14 


-Why mixed ages?

In mixed-age learning, guides tailor instruction for each learner rather than setting the pace for a whole group. Girls are aware of each other's strengths, weaknesses, and talents, yet they are less likely to compare themselves based on age or grade level. Learners will be given the time and freedom to reach their learning potential when they are emotionally and developmentally ready and thus are more likely to be lifelong learners. Similarly, a learner who needs to be challenged will not be bored by time wasted while others "catch up" because each learner can work at her appropriate level with peers of various ages.


-How does learner-centered work?

The learners lead the way! They prepare material for morning meetings and whole group work time and have the freedom to follow their own passions and interests. Mistakes are celebrated and recognized as a part of the process. Learners are able to assess their understanding and know when they have achieved success by setting their own learning goals. 


-What are the benefits of this model?

This model is designed to foster growth through the process of learning versus a set content where everyone learns the same thing. Learners have lots of opportunity to practice grit, resilience, compassion, empathy, problem-solving, critical-thinking, and being an active member of a community. Community is at the heart of the model. First as a small group and then widening the scope to the larger global community. 


-What about math, science, language arts, history, etc.?

Learners will cover a wide range of topics every day both through group work led by guides and through independent work. Learners will set specific, developmentally appropriate goals for their independent time. This is where a learner can assess where they are at in a content area and work with the guide to find opportunities to show progress. Specific subject areas are not separated out into blocks of time but rather practiced in context with attainable goals.

-Will girls be ready for high school and/or college?

Yes! They will have extensive knowledge and be driven to succeed at whatever they choose to do next. For example, if they want to go to a college for which SAT scores are important (which certainly is not every college) then they apply themselves to learning how to do well on the SAT’s. They are better equipped to solve problems and have learned far beyond the traditional courses. Their engagement in the program is extremely active rather than the passive learning in other settings where information is not absorbed due to a lack of excitement.

-What about homework and grades?

There is no homework or grades. We believe that 5 hours a day is enough time for quality learning. Since there is no strict schedule of classes, learners are able to move at their own pace. They learn time management and responsibility by setting goals and meeting challenges head on. At Girls Count, learners gain knowledge through active participation and complete tasks with real and direct outcomes.

-Is each term the same?

Nope. You can enroll in one, two, or all three terms depending on your schedule and interest in the program. 

-If someone only enrolls part-time, will they be behind?

The enrollment you chose should fit the needs of your schedule and interest in this type of program. Learners who attend less days will not be "behind" because there is no set curriculum that everyone is doing at the same pace. Each day is a different experience that it tailored to your child's interests and goals.

-What is your cancellation policy?

  • Cancellations within 3 weeks of the start of the term will receive a 90% refund

  • Cancellations within 2 weeks of the start of the term will receive a 75% refund

  • Cancellations within 1 week of the start of the term will receive a 50% refund

  • No refunds less than 1 week prior to the start of the term


COVID-19 Exceptions:

  • Anyone cancelling due to COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test may cancel at any time for a full refund.

  • Anyone turned away due to a failed temperature test will receive a full refund for all cancelled days.