Past Workshops

  • Nature Around Us
    In this outdoor workshop, participants will be exploring science, math, and art. We will cover some biology, mathematical patterns, and observational drawing in nature. Participants will have a choice in art materials to make their journal pieces come to life. $35 per person
  • Crunchy Salty Sweet
    Participants will make and customize sourdough crackers and a sweet treat. We will work together to create nutritional labels and discuss macronutrients. All items are vegan and nut free. Food will be made “to go” to consume at home. $38 per person
  • Self-Care Toolkit
    Come learn about homeostasis and how your body systems work to maintain stability. Participants will have a chance to build their self-care toolkit through mindfulness, blending herbal teas, journaling, and making sugar scrubs. $38 per person
  • Make Data Beautiful
    We will work together to deconstruct visual representations of topics such as social media use, endangered species, and recycling. Participants will then work to put a creative/artistic spin on information based on their own interests. $35 per person
  • Spring Salads
    Crunch, crunch! Come celebrate spring by constructing salad with various lettuce types, customizable dressings, and fun textural add ins. Participants will also create biodegradable pots and plant lettuces of their choice to take home. $38 per person
  • Nature's Inventions-Biomimicry
    How can we learn to build a more resilient, regenerative, and beautiful world? We will find inspiration from animals and plants to create inventions for the future. Participants can choose to draw, build, or digitally create their designs. $35 per person
  • Let’s Art!
    Over two Saturdays, we'll discuss the elements of art and the principles of design. You will apply these concepts using a variety of mediums to create a reference art journal, then you're free to express your inner artist as you create your very own masterpiece on canvas or paper. $65 (2 sessions)
  • Celebrating Diversity
    What makes us unique? What are our differences and why should we celebrate that? Make a piece of art/poem/story that celebrates diversity while learning the importance of inclusion and anti-discrimination. $35 per person
  • Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
    Why do zombies like brains? Learn about brain function, design a survival kit, and make a plan that will prepare you for a zombie apocalypse (or any other unforeseen event!) $35 per person
  • Secret Codes
    Have you ever wanted to write a secret language or have coded conversations with friends? We'll show you how to decipher and create codes using letters, numbers and symbols to send secret messages. $35 per person